Friday, September 30, 2011

Atmospheric Water Generators-Provides Fresh Pure Drinking Water

While doing research for house water solutions I came across atmospheric water generators. Not knowing what they were I dug deeper.Here's what I discovered.

What Are Atmospheric Water Generators
Atmospheric water generators (awg) are basically dehumidifiers that extract water from humid air. Water vapor is then condensed by cooling the air past it's dew point producing safe drinking water. This is not a recent development. These devices have been used for centuries in the desert areas of the Middle East. AWGs can be used in a passive mode or powered by solar and/or electric.

How Does A Modern Atmospheric Water Generator Work

As I have stated above an awg works like a dehumidifier but with a huge difference-water generators use a complex filtering system that ensures that every drop of water produced is crystal clear and ready for human consumption.The filtering system consists of multi-stage carbon filters, reverse osmosis membrane, and UV sterilization lamps that result in 99.9% pure drinking water that exceeds EPA requirements! If there is a small downside these atmospheric water generators need a relative humidity level of about 30% to be fully optimal.

Atmospheric Water Generator

Are There Benefits Using AWGs

The biggest benefit of using atmospheric water generators is the ability of to harvest water from the air without needing an external source (except solar or electric). In other words storms, drought,civil disturbance, broken water main, water contamination, etc. can keep you from making water every single day.

The air itself is purified as it passes through the electostatic filter that removes dust, pollen,mold spores, bacteria, and other airborne particles effectively becoming a centralized air filtration system.

Water is life. We need water daily to help digest food and absorb vitamins and nutrients. Volatile organic chemicals that are present in nearly all our water sources cause serious health problems that cost billions in medical services.

Atmospheric water generators are environmentally safe, friendly, and responsible. By producing cheap pure fresh water from the air without tapping into natural resources atmospheric water generators can make you free and independent.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

House Water Solutions

House Water Solutions-Options To Improve Your Water Quality

You as a home-owner will soon be forced to use house water solutions to keep the quality of water that you have come to take for granted for most of your life. Because of the present economic crisis local governments are forced to cut back on budgets which in turn will affect your quality of life. As we all have seen on the news most public services are on the chopping block. From cops to water treatment to infrastructure repair.

What are house water solutions?
House water solutions are the ways to filter and/or purify water for use in the home. It doesn't matter whether you are connected to city or well water sooner or later with large budget cuts looming there will be changes in the quality of water. Some will say that it's not a big deal because we can use bottled water for drinking and cooking. Your must ask yourself how much does it cost per year for bottled water and can you afford it?

What will home water solutions cost?
That all depends on which options you choose for your house water solutions. Options include whole house water filters, faucet filters (on or under the counter type), shower filters, water softeners, and atmospheric water generators. All of these options are viable to improve the quality of your water and only cost pennies a day in real time cost and could pay for themselves within a year.

House water solutions benefits
Whatever house water solutions option your choose the these benefits will be long lasting.

  1. Costs: After initial installation (do-it-yourself/professional) costs are pennies a day. Generally upkeep only consists of filter changes every 6 months or yearly.
  2. Health: All of these options remove minerals,chemicals,materials,and bacteria that city water treatment can't or don't remove. In other words your body ingests pure water. So less illness, softer and smoother skin due to less minerals and chlorine in your water.
  3. Value: Increases your property value by having a whole house water filter installed; spend less time cleaning bathrooms and plumbing fixtures because there is no more mineral build-up so everything looks brand new.
  4. Taste: Pure water has no taste. If your drinking water has a chemical/metallic flavor it should be removed.
  5. Odor: Pure water has no odor. If your water has a chemical or rotten egg smell then then something is wrong.

Life depends on water. House water solutions will improve your quality of life and ease worries about water quality.