Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EcoloBlue 30 Review

EcoloBlue 30
For those of you who believe that bottled water is your only solution for pure clean water then the EcoloBlue 30 just might be what you're looking for. It produces water from thin air thus saving you money by eliminating costly water delivery contracts.

What Is An AWG

A AWG is a atmospheric water generator that filters drinking water from air in much the same way a dehumidifier does except the AWG takes it a step further and filters that water through a complicated process to produce pure and potable water. And just like a dehumidifier you just plug it in. Electrical costs should be about $0.20 cents per gallon. So, 5 gallons will cost $1 compared to $10 to $12 to buy  5gallons of bottled water.

The EcoloBlue 30 also comes with 12-stage system that filters water from air. The filtration system includes charcoal filters, carbon filters, fil+mtec reverse osmosis membrane, post carbon filter, and 3 Philips UV sterilization lamps. This guarantees the purity of water that you’re going to drink.

The system features as well a stainless steel bottom water collection tank and a 3-gallon stainless steel top dispenser tank equipped with UV spectrum filters too.

EcoloBlue 30 Details

  •     Needs no water source – Makes water from Air.
  •     Generates over 8 gallons (32 liters) of fresh water per day.
  •     Pure & safe water source with great taste.
  •     Cold & Hot water dispenser. Great for making tea or coffee!
  •     12-stage filter process.
  •     Recycles and cleans the air, reduces humidity.
  •     Energy efficient. $0.20/gallon of water.
  •     Auto-shut-off. Electronic sensors within the unit stop the machine from producing water when it  has reached its maximum capacity.
  •     Extremely easy to set-up and maintain.
  •     1-year full warranty.
  •     30-day money back guarantee.

Technical details

  •     Sterile, stainless steel internal storage tanks.
  •     Dimensions (18?x18?x42?) – Fits perfectly in kitchens, living rooms or     in the office.
  •     Working Conditions: Temp: 50-100°F (10-38°c) – Humidity: 35%-90%
  •     Noise Level: <79dB
  •     Compressor Power Consumption: 4.8 Kw
  •     Power Supply: 110 volts. Also, available in 240 volts.
  •     Comes pre-assembled with ALL filters per-installed.


  1.     Produces pure drinking water
  2.     Great company support
  3.     Great tasting water
  4.     Green technology
  5.    Can be used to filter tap water  
  6.    Hot and cold water functions


  1.     Needs a relative humidity of 40% to be truly effective
  2.     Maintenance IS NOT SET AND FORGET

The EcoloBlue 30  atmospheric water generator can be a fantastic addition to any home. Green, economical, and able to meet your drinking water needs the EcoloBlue 30 is here today.

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